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Hello, I'm Nilofer C

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ca. 42355 liters

of water

ca. 914 kg CO2e


I am the founder of swap-studio, a working mum, occasional writer and a fierce advocate of women in tech. I believe in the circular economy and the responsibility that businesses like ours have to create a better, more regenerative world.

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Reviews (39)

  • DP

    It was a really smooth experience. Nilofer is so prompt and sweet. She put the clothes in a bag and accomodated the swap on my requested date&time. The clothes are of good quality and condition too.

    Deba PMarch 2022

  • Esther v

    Always a pleasure!

    Esther vMarch 2022

  • Sarah B

    Always lovely to swap with! Thanks again :)

    Sarah BFebruary 2022

  • Bianca F

    Everything easy and perfect :)

    Bianca FDecember 2021

  • Hartje Oost

    Always a pleasure to welcome her in our shop!

    Hartje Oost November 2021

  • Ria G

    Loved the jacket, fits perfectly! The swap was hassle free and she was so great with it!

    Ria GNovember 2021

  • MV

    A pleasure to swap with :)

    Mari VOctober 2021

  • Karla V

    Love the earrings! Going to wear them at an event today already 😊 And turns out we are neighbors:)) Thank you!

    Karla VSeptember 2021

  • MP

    It was great swapping with Nilofer! Easy communication, punctuality and big smile! :) Hope the dress will suit you!

    Monika PAugust 2021

  • Joanne L

    Was great to swap with you again!

    Joanne LAugust 2021

  • Sarah B

    Quick and easy swapping

    Sarah BAugust 2021

  • Giustina F

    Nice and easy communication with Nilofer, Love the dress!

    Giustina FJuly 2021

  • Giustina F

    Very easy swap! Nilofer has been very nice and the rocking horse is just lovely

    Giustina FJuly 2021

  • MA

    The experience was seamless; the pick up was arranged very easily and quickly; I am delighted I can give this beautiful beanie a second life, thanks!

    Marina AJuly 2021

  • Kris B

    It's very nice swapping with Nilofer. Communication goes really well which is super important imo 😊

    Kris BJuly 2021

  • Nilofer was super responsive and incredibly nice!

    Deleted userJuly 2021

  • Aileen C

    Super quick & easy swap! Love my new crop shirt

    Aileen CJuly 2021

  • Sarah B

    My daughter will love this. Thanks for the quick and easy swap.

    Sarah BJune 2021

  • Sarah B

    Thanks for a quick and easy swap.

    Sarah BJune 2021

  • Jantien d

    Very neat and kind

    Jantien dMay 2021

  • Aileen C

    Really quick and easy transaction with Niloo. Happy that my colourful rug could find a happy new home :)

    Aileen CMay 2021

  • Roosmarie R

    Hope you love ❤️ it!

    Roosmarie RApril 2021

  • Maiko B

    Niloo even had the dress shortened for me. Great experience, cannot wait to put it on when the summer comes!

    Maiko BApril 2021

  • Hanne L

    Thank you for the smooth swap and for giving this dress a new home!

    Hanne LApril 2021

  • swap-studio

    Quick and easy swap! Enjoy the dress :)

    swap-studio April 2021

  • Carole P

    Niloo has always the best products and an amazing reactivity :)

    Carole PApril 2021

  • Roosmarie R

    Super fast swap

    Roosmarie RMarch 2021

  • Joanne L

    Good and fast communication and her products are in perfect condition. She even came to drop it of with a little ribbon wrapped around the goodies. Would swap with her any time!

    Joanne LMarch 2021

  • Khrystyna S

    Another great swap! 🤗

    Khrystyna SMarch 2021

  • Roosmarie R

    Love the item, very fast swap

    Roosmarie RMarch 2021

  • Karla V

    Lovely experience of a 1st swap :) Quick responses, delivery and great quality of the items. Positive vibes, too. If I have to rate the platform based on this experience, it is 5/5!

    Karla VMarch 2021

  • Khrystyna S

    Hi Niloo! Another great swap! Love hove this skirt suits you! Happy to see it found a new home 🤗

    Khrystyna SMarch 2021

  • anne W

    It was a great swap! Nice to meet fellow clothing swapper :)

    anne WMarch 2021

  • Ilse K

    It was nice and fast to communicate with Nilofer. I love it!

    Ilse KFebruary 2021

  • NS

    fast and easy swap

    Neeltje SFebruary 2021

  • QK

    Nilofer was quick to respond to my request and great communication :)

    Quirine KFebruary 2021

  • Jasper D

    Niloo is a nice and relaxed swapper!

    Jasper DFebruary 2021

  • Roosmarie R

    amazing bag!

    Roosmarie RFebruary 2021

  • Khrystyna S

    Hi Niloo! Thank you a lot for a quick swap! Woohoo, very exciting!

    Khrystyna SFebruary 2021