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74 results
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74 results
10 kudos
Small glass vases.
Added by Hartje Oost .
20 kudos
Handcraft wooden artwork panels
Added by Barbara K.
Soriana new40x17 x 43
10 kudos
Added by Isabel M.
Rogz as-good-as-newVoor kleine pup.
5 kudos
2 Puppy halsbandjes en riempjes
Added by Lenie D.
Gregg Segalas-good-as-new31 x 23 cm
15 kudos
Daily Bread What Kids Eat Around the World AS NEW
Added by Aranka B.
Rens Kroespre-lovedas-good-as-new25,5 x 19,1 x 2,6 cm
15 kudos
Rens Kroes the Party Edition Kookboek
Added by Aranka B.
From Zenzapre-lovedX-Large, max 50 watt
5 kudos
Pewter Ceramic Lamp
Added by steph s.
Guzzini pre-loved
15 kudos
set of 3 bowls from Guzzini
Added by Flo J.
FESTas-good-as-newTotal width: 8 cm Total depth: 3 cm Total height: 8 cm
10 kudos
Tigra candle holder S gold
Added by FEST .
DZnewfits a 12cm diameter plant
10 kudos
Gold flower pot
Added by CuKi Botanical Boutique .
No nameas-good-as-newH 35 cms L 50 cms B 35 cms
15 kudos
Magazine holder
Added by Banu R.
IKEApre-loved180 bij 200 cm
20 kudos
Ikea bed 180 x 200 met 4 lades!
Added by Alex H.
Dijk Naturalsnew8cm diameter - 12cm
10 kudos
Candle holder | flower pot
Added by CuKi Botanical Boutique .
Beantrails + Martin Sweersnew8oz / 236 ml
10 kudos
Art series party cups - set of 40
Added by Beantrails .
50 kudos
Added by swap-studio .
5 kudos
Added by Nanda O.
unknownnew~62cm L
10 kudos
Large serving dish for whole fish
Added by Nilofer C.
Ikea LACKas-good-as-newLength: 90 cm Width: 55 cm Height: 45 cm
10 kudos
Coffee table
Added by Anuraag B.
5 kudos
Leather notebook
Added by Arisa N.
Angel adoreeas-good-as-newA4
10 kudos
Beautiful book​,​ vintage tea party
Added by Roosmarie R.
unknownpre-loved50cm height
35 kudos
Desk lamp
Added by Martijn L.
Bjorn Wiinbladas-good-as-new15 cm
10 kudos
two mugs by Bjorn Wiinblad
Added by Martijn L.