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ca. 700,000 liters of water

Receive 15 kudos when uploading your first 3 products

ca. 1,750 kg of greenhouse gas emissions

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Your wallet will thank you.
So will the penguins.

By choosing to swap rather than shop, you are participating in the circular economy and helping to save 500,000 penguins.

98% of Emperor Penguin colonies will become quasi-extinct by 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current pace. It is not enough to simply switch to “green” consumption by buying more sustainably produced goods - it is essential to reduce consumption.

Because 45 % of global greenhouse emissions come solely from the production of the things we use and buy every day.

1% for the penguins

Every month, swap-studio donates 1% of its revenue to the World Wide Fund for Nature's Adopt a Penguin initiative.

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3 times a year we will send you an update on how your membership is helping the pengiuns we have adopted.

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