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It started with two friends, one a fashion designer, the other a techie. Together, they decided it was time to make a change to our throw-away culture and inspired four others to join them. Now, swap-studio is an energetic team whose mission is to elevate the status of reuse and make it the #1 choice for consumers. If we lengthen the life of just 1 in 5 garments in Europe by 10%, we will cut 3 million tons of CO2, save 150 million liters of water and divert 6.4 million tons of clothing from landfill. Together we can create a better tomorrow.

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Think of swap-studio as enabling you to give-and-take things from friends you haven’t met yet. An online swap shop where you can exchange pre-loved and vintage clothes, accessories and high quality household goods and furniture; using our own points system called kudos. Kudos is not money. It’s just a means of exchange. Give things away for kudos and use your earned kudos within the community to take other things you love. All products provided by our members are curated by our in-house experts for quality and individuality. So forget second-hand! Our beautiful products were loved and deserve to be loved again.

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Membership to our community is free. You can browse all products and give away as many of your own as you like. Apply to join or get invited by a friend.

Receive 20 kudos when uploading your first product

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To take things, you need kudos. There’s 3 ways to get your first kudos: you get 20 bonus kudos for uploading your first approved product. You also get kudos for inviting friends or showing your commitment to reuse by signing up to our monthly subscription.

Start swapping products

Start swapping

Interact with other members in our community to swap products you love, for kudos. Organise pickup or touchless delivery. You pay us a small transaction fee only when you take something, unless you have a monthly subscription. Then you'll pay no transaction fees and earn bonus kudos every month.

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