Kudos explained

Think of swap-studio as enabling you to give something away to a friend you haven’t met yet. In order to facilitate this, we invented kudos.

kudos is not money. It’s just a means of exchange. When it comes to swap-studio and kudos we have just one principle:

If our community is a river, kudos is the water. swap-studio will flourish when kudos flow.

kudos is how we keep things fair and our community thriving, but in order to maintain this we set a few boundaries.

  • 50 is the maximum kudos anyone can receive for a single item. We do this because we realise that the items you upload are things you no longer want or need.

    No matter the brand or retail value of the item, it’s taking up space in your home. But it could be loved by someone else. So we enable anyone in our community to give it a second home.
  • The minimum kudos for an item is 5. Don’t think your item is worth 5 kudos? Then combine it with something else and offer both together.
  • The number of kudos for each item is a multiple of 5. This one is just to make it easy on you. An item can be swapped for anywhere between 5 and 50 kudos: for example 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. We do this to promote kudos as merely a means of fair exchange and not as a price for a good.
  • We carefully assess all goods. You can indicate the amount of kudos you would like in exchange for your item. We evaluate each item and review the requested kudos based on a few key metrics including condition, desirability, seasonality and retail value.
  • Refer to our handy guide in the FAQs section to set your kudos value.