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Hello, I'm Aileen C

Total swaps:




ca. 7380 liters

of water

ca. 201 kg CO2e


Aussie living in Amsterdam with a few too many bits & bobs taking up precious space in my apartment :)

Reviews (6)

  • Nilofer C

    You are my favourite swapper 😘

    Nilofer CJuly 2021

  • Maiko B

    Love the patterns of this jacket, thanks a million for the quick swap!

    Maiko BMay 2021

  • Nilofer C

    Such a quick and easy swap! Love the rug, thanks for swapping 🤗

    Nilofer CMay 2021

  • Khrystyna S

    Now waiting for summer to come! Happy swapping with you, Aileen! :)

    Khrystyna SApril 2021

  • Roosmarie R

    Fast swap , good communication

    Roosmarie RApril 2021

  • swap-studio

    Thanks for swapping!

    swap-studio March 2021